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St. Zosima Candles
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1050, Rt 6
Mahopac, NY
Use this address only:
- To send or deliver candle stubs


St. Zosima Candles
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75, East 93rd Street
New York, NY
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- Customer service
- Payments
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Phone: +1-(212)-987-0537

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
10am – 4pm EST
Due to mechanical issues at the factory, we are not taking orders online, please email us at

St. Zosima's Church Supply was founded in order to support Orthodox missionary efforts of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, in America and throughout the world; at the same time offering Orthodox churches both high-quality, hand-made beewax and paraffin candles.

Following in the footsteps of St. Zosima the Beekeeper, we carefully craft our candles, hand pouring the finest 100%-pure beewax into imported candle molds. The molds were specially designed for us so that we could provide our customers with candles fashioned in the style familiar to Orthodox worship. Since we use 100% beeswax our candles burn longer and cleaner than paraffin candles and give off a beautiful fragrance as they burn.

Our product line has been increased to include candles for hierarchal services, votive candles, charcoal, incense from Mt. Athos and altar wine.

St. Zosima's altar wine was specially selected for use during the Orthodox Divine Liturgy.The Upstate New York vineyard provides us with high-quality wine for the most sacred part of Orthodox worship.

St. Zosima's has recently become the exclusive importer of Athonite incense from a small skete on the western side of the Holy Mountain, by Karelia. The incense is prayerfully handcrafted by two monks of Mt Athos. This is genuine Mt Athos incense...unlike other manufacturers who offer "Athonite Style" incense.

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